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"Love is essentially the effort to sacrifice yourself, to immolate yourself, to another person. And passion is essentially the effort to sacrifice, to immolate, another person to yourself."

Msgr. Richard Knox, In Soft Garments


"Resist impure images… Pure souls must be on guard and never doubt that chastity is incomparably finer than anything incompatible with it"

St. Frances de Sales


"When the passions are active they cast out self-esteem; when they are expelled, they reintroduce it."

St. Thalassios the Libyan


"It is certain that God desires that which is most advantageous to us much more than we desire it ourselves. He knows better than we by what means that which is best for us must arrive. The choice of means is entirely in His hands, since it is He who disposes and regulates all things in the world. With perfect trust in God, let us say: “Thy will be done!"

St. Augustine


"The purification of the soul is release from the passions, and release from the passions gives birth to love."

St. Thalassios the Libyan


"I’m jealous of your virginity" - A Testimony


I’m a college student at a big state partying school where all the gossip Monday morning is about how people go wasted over the weekend and had sex with strangers. And I’m here living my life of chastity, going to mass and adoration multiple times a week. I’m saving myself for marriage.

And recently I met this guy, two years older than me. He has been brought up in  a strict Mormon household. He had decided at the age of 17 that there was no God. However, we’ve come to talking and we’ve grown close. We’ve started to like each other. He’s told me that my strong beliefs in my Catholic faith made me more attractive to him, and that he was starting to doubt his conviction in Atheism. He’s asked me questions about my faith and has sat there, intently listening, while I answered. He’s told me that if my faith is what makes me happy, then he wants it to grow. I didn’t know that people who didn’t believe in religion would support me in mine. 

And as our conversations progressed, my virginity came up. He told me he was jealous of me for being able to live a life of chastity and purity. When I asked him why he said “Because on your wedding night, you will have the most intense surge of emotions. You’ll feel love, passion, lust, happiness and even a bit a fear. I’m never going to be able to experience that”

Even those who have failed to live their lives purely are still able to admire the beauty in chastity, they even realize that they want it and that it’s worth waiting. This story is to prove that. This is to give hope to those who believe that living a life of purity and chastity won’t attract those who are non-religous. This is prove that chastity can be your crowning glory, and that you will be admired for it. 


Is Chastity the Best Policy

The word “chastity” itself makes people uncomfortable, especially grownups. They change the topic and say, “How big are your kids na?” I think it is because we have all been chastity offenders — myself included. It’s hard to look at the past so we let the teens fend for themselves. I think it is sad because everyone is talking to kids about sex except their parents, who have the most right to. They are scared to be asked  by their kids, “Mom, were you a virgin when you were a teen?”

Love is something that turns you away from yourself. Your decisions are for other people, like your husband and your kids. Sometimes, you are not even part of that decision. I think that is why practicing sacrifice, like keeping chaste, is important before marriage. It is because marriage requires making sacrifices cheerfully. I mean, nobody wakes up changing stinky A-bomb diapers in the middle of the night while whistling a tune. It takes serious practice to do it, and chastity makes people look beyond looks


"Open my eyes, Oh Lord! Every time I look at my heart and believe that it is as pure as it can be, I demonstrate just how much I need you to teach me what purity really is."

Pursuing Chastity


The Chastity Education Initiative- Archdiocese of Chicago


Chastity: The Catholic Perspective Part I by Laura Giannuzzi


"Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to the Blessed Mother are not simply the best way, but in fact the only way to keep purity. At the age of 20, nothing but communion can keep one’s heart pure. Chastity is not possible without the Eucharist."

Saint Philip Neri (via thoushaltlove)

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Chastity: The New Counterculture

"We are revolutionary!" Gallagher yelled as she stood on a chair in front of 30 young volunteers who will take the message to their high schools and college campuses. "Think about it," Gallagher told the group. "We are the counterculture now. We’re completely opposite of the media." 

"To want anything other than what’s immediate is out of whack with our culture. To want what’s best for the other is out of whack with our culture." Gallagher explained. "Chastity simply means we respect sex so much…we keep it where it’s supposed to be, and that’s in marriage," she said. "We understand it; it’s not about repression or pretending it’s not there," she added.