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"Single or married, my concern isn’t my current relationship status or if it will change. I am not worried about figuring it out. All I want to be consumed with is loving, serving, worshiping, knowing, and living for Jesus Christ."

// What if God has set me aside for the single life? 

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"By matrimony, therefore, the souls of the contracting parties are joined and knit together more directly and more intimately than are their bodies, and that not by any passing affection of sense of spirit, but by a deliberate and firm act of the will; and from this union of souls by God’s decree, a sacred and inviolable bond arises. Hence the nature of this contract, which is proper and peculiar to it alone, makes it entirely different from the union of animals entered into by the blind instinct of nature alone in which neither reason nor free will plays a part."

Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii 7 (via onlyalittlelost)

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Pursuing Chastity & Finding Love

Anonymous said: Have you ever watched porn? Me and my husband watch it together and really like it. We're a Christian couple but we find that it "spices things up"


Hey friend, I’m sure that it spices things up, and that’s actually something I wondered and did research about also at the beginning of our marriage, whether that was a wise thing to do. But, I then came across this post ( that really exposes what the porn industry is all about, and a lot of videos of ex-porn stars talking about what it was really like and more. And it’s a horrifying thing. Besides how messed up porn and the massive industry really is, and that it’s basically overflowing with abuse, sex trafficking and the like, there’s sooooo many studies on what porn actually does to the individual mind and a couple’s sex life. check out this link  here that has some basic facts and this site. Porn is a lie, everything about it is, and it lies to your brain and chemically that messes up your brain to the point where you will end up relying on porn in order to be satisfied with your husband, in order for you both to satisfy each other. 

My husband will actually literally not even watch semi-sex or heated scenes of those romantic comedy movies because he feels like it’s basically peeking into someone else’s window watching them be intimate even if it’s supposed to be comedic or anything like that, and he wants to keep his eyes and his mind on our own sex life and not anyone else’s. And honestly, it’s so much better and healthier to work on your sex life together instead of with the help of porn (which like I said, will make you end up being dependant on it, even if you think you’re standing, you will fall). I’m sure porn is pleasuring, especially when you want that extra kick of pleasure in the bedroom, but I’m even more sure that it’s much more satisfying and pleasuring for a husband and wife to focus solely on pleasing each other without having to watch others be intimate, and to rely on that couple’s passion for pleasure.

So I urge you to reconsider. For the sake of your relationship, for the sake of the poor men and women that are stuck in that industry, being constantly abused and whose lives usually end up in suicide or overcome by drugs. You are fuelling that industry by watching, by buying or clicking. The porn industry is a destructive thing, to the brain, body, spirit and relationships, and to the people themselves. 


the whole idea of daddy issues makes me so uncomfortable? like your father abandoned you, you had a bad relationship with him or he abused you and we created a term to shame, humiliate and laugh at you for dealing with the emotions that come with that

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"The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them."

Thomas Merton

It is Merton’s birthday today. This man should not only be a Saint, he should be a Doctor of the Church.

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"If people understood the true purpose of chastity, they would see that it has nothing to do with fear or prudishness. Nor is it a repression of sexual desires. Rather, chastity is an exercise of the will, to choose what is good, the greatest of all that is good. It is a refusal to allow the desire for pleasure to displace the call to love. Pleasure is not a bad thing, but when a person pursues enjoyment at the expense of another, love is abandoned."

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"I know it is very hard to accept a love without conditions,
but I know it exists: that He loved me when I was useless to him."

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"Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained."

C.S. Lewis (via tv-addict)

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Focus on things that matter: the eternal stuff


Focus on things that matter: the eternal stuff

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SURVEY: Young Christian Men on the "Man-Crisis" and What Young Christian Women Can Do

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